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  • EVR Sizing A classroom is 60㎡ with 3.2m, accommodating 40 students.What size ventilator should be taken advantage of?Place: classroom (high density)Density: the number of peopl/ acreageForm: the rangeParameter:... More +
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation 1. Field jointBefore construction, the customer should be informed of the intentions according to the working drawings. The classifications are mentioned below:a)Whether the construction conditions are me... More +
  • ERV & Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Reviews Simply, HRVs and ERVs provide a balanced, controlled, and measured quantity of fresh air into the residence to cycle out pollutants, while additionally shooting and replacing the heat—or smart energy... More +
  • Air Exchanger Maintenance Just like your heater or air conditioner, your air exchanger wishes some TLC as soon as in awhile. Do no longer forget your air alternate system. Sadly, many householders forget these effortless prese... More +
  • Air Exchanger Types All air exchangers serve the same purpose. Fortunately, there are a few options on the market, all coming with their own set of pros, cons and price points. Before you purchase any air exchange system... More +
  • Air Exchange System Advantages There are quite a few benefits to installing an air exchanger, with the essential benefit being the great improvement of air first-class within the home.Improved air qualityFeeling extra energeticRedu... More +
  • The Working Principle Of The Energy Recovery Ventilator In the 21st century, with the continuous intensification of PM2.5 in cities, a hot new star appeared in the air purification industry -- energy recovery ventilators. So, how does the energy recovery v... More +
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