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Thenow brand belongs to Kapital Group which was founded in Singapore, Kapital have been  focusing on technology innovation, intelligent technology, high performance, excellent quality of the air intelligence system, relying on excellent R&D manufacturing ability and the ability to operate, Thenow completed the product layout of fresh air ventilation system, ventilating dehumidification system, wine cellar cooling system and multi central air system specially designed for passive house, all are committed to improving people’s living environment and conditions.

Core Idea

There are two remarkable patent technologies in Thenow’s Super air system as follows: Pure ESP System(Air filtration and Kill bacterial); O2 Plus Cycling Comfortable system.

Besides, it also combined the technologies of cloud computing and internet of things, such as smart building, intelligent home appliances, smart air control, individual`s health, digital life and so on.

We are aiming at providing you an all-in-one healthy breath solution, thus making your living environment more healthy and comfortable.

Core Value

Thenow Smart Super Air system is the integration of various isolated healthy breathing products. It`s the real indoor air master. It can sense the IAQ, then analyze it, finally do adjustment to reach a comfortable level – constant purification, constant fresh air, constant humidity, constant temperature at its lower cost and noise.


1989  Focus on the development and production of piston type air compressor filtration systems

1999  Industry upgrading, start to focus on the development and production of screw air compressor filtration systems

2004  Apureda International (Group) Co., Ltd. Established and pass the certification of ISO9001:2000 system in China same year

2006  Certified as Chinese high-tech enterprise, started to develop and produce industrial dedusting equipments.

2010   Cooperated with Singapore Kapital Group, launched Thenow brand

2011   Thenow took the lead in putting forward the design concept of super air system,making full use of Internet, cloud computing and Internet of things technology to provide one-stop healthy breathing solutions.

2014  Thenow worked together with Stanford and Shanghai Jiaotong University, launched super air system

2015   Thenow has successfully listed, and launched fresh air ventilation systems and energy recovery ventilator

2017  First split wine cooling system was produced out.
2018  Thenow cellar cooling units exported to overseas.
2020   Plug-in self-containe cooling units launched
2021   Complete product upgrade
2022   Through-the-wall and frequency converter cooling units R&D 

At present, Thenow has completed the product layout of fresh air ventilation system, ventilating dehumidification system, wine cellar cooling system and multi central air system specially designed for passive house, and has built a full range of products centering on the health and comfort of human settlements. Now it has become a leading integrated intelligent health solution provider.

Manufacturing Advantages

Our factory is located in Tinglin town Industrial park Jinshan District, Shanghai, covering an area of 53,300 square meters and with annual output more than 500,000pcs. Besides, we have strong R&D team and state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the most complete and professional instruments. Our products range are ceiling mounted ERV, wall mounted ventilator, Floor standing ERV(Ducted or not), wine cellar climate control system and so on. And we have our own workshops for metal plates process, filters production and the full heat exchanger. We aim at becoming a world leading manufacturer in this area.

R&D Ability

Thenow ERV/HRV R&D center have more than 50 experienced and professional engineers. Many of them have more than 10 years industry experiences.

Meanwhile, Thenow jointed Shanghai Jiaotong University and Stanford University, setting up academic research center preparing talents and technical reserve. And we established a series of professional laboratories: enthalpy difference lab, 3m3 cabin(test noxious gas and microorganism); 30m3(test performance of machine); Noise lab; wind tunnel lab; high and low temperature lab; aging lab; nanometer dust lab etc.

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