Floor Standing Industrial Dehumidifier

Floor Standing Industrial Dehumidifier
In industrial environment, the harm caused by excessive humidity is not negligible. Excessive humidity can lead to corrosion, such as corrosion of steel with a humidity of more than 60%. Electrical equipment operates over a longer period of time in an environment where humidity exceeds 70%, easy to damage and cause accidents. Industrial materials also reduce storage time in environments with excessive humidity.
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Thenow floor standing industrial dehumidifier, according to the dehumidification capacity, can remove 90L to 480L moisture per day from the air and replace it with fresh, filtered air. The industrial dehumidification equipment helps to keep indoor air at a reasonable humidity level, which helps to keep every member of the industrial area healthy.

Features of Floor Standing Dehumidifier:

  • Ultra dehumidification capacity: 90L to 480L per day,keep you away from dampness
  • Well-known brand compressor, strong performance and stable quality, dehumidifying power is stronger
  • Condensation effect is more significant.
  • High quality evaporator and condenser.
  • Hydrophilic film surface, which can speed up the cooling speed and prevent the condensation water from obstructing the air flow to produce a certain amount of noise.
  • Reasonable design and excellent material ensure dehumidification efficiency, energy efficiency ratio is also higher.
  • High rotation speed centrifugal fan, high power and low noise.
  • Automatic humidity control system
  • Low pressure protection, anti-freeze protection, current overload protection and other important protection devices.
  • A number of operation and fault display functions, running safely and stably.

Data of Industrial Dehumidification Systems

Model CT-190/1600-GD01 CT-240/2500-GD01 CT-350/3200-GD01 CT-480/5000-GD01
Power supply 3PH/380V/50HZ
Supply Air(m3/h) 1600 2500 3200 5000
Power(W) 2800 4000 5500 9000
Dehumidification(L/D) 190 240 350 480
Residual Pressure(Pa) 180 200 230 250
Max Length of Duct(m) 30 35 38 40
Application area(m²) <260 <400 <550 <800
Noise dB(A) 62 65 68 70
Outline Dimension 1160*820*600 1160*820*600 1370*1120*720 1370*1120*720
Return air outlet 500*400 500*400 750*450 750*450
Supply air intlet 350*350
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Floor Standing Industrial Dehumidifier Application
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