Question: Why Do You Have To Choose The Professional Conditioner For Cellar?

Wine is very sensitive to temperature and humidity, and subtle changes will affect its state and quality, so the environmental design and the requirements for temperature and humidity conditions are extremely strict. Storage conditions of wine are generally 8℃-18℃ at temperature, and humidity 60%-70%RH. The most suitable storage temperature for red wine is between 12℃ and 16℃, while that for white wine and champagne is between 10℃ and 12℃. High temperature will affect the acidity of the wine, while low temperature will lock the aroma and affect the growth of the wine. A qualified wine cellar should have a stable temperature of 8℃-18℃ all year round. In order to achieve a good storage environment and avoid mildew deterioration of wine, try to choose walls, ceilings and floors with heat preservation and moisture functions. In addition, in order to maintain constant temperature and humidity, wine cellar air conditioning is an essential equipment.