Question: Why price of a cellar cooling system is much higher than a normal air conditioner?

More than one client had asked one question with us: why the price of your cellar cooling system was much higher than a normal air conditioner? Same components  more or less and with nothing more special......

Now will explain with you why:

First, normal A/C cannot replace the specialized cellar climate control system, detailed difference you can check the article "The Difference between a Cellar Machine and a Regular Air Conditioner" or search related information on google.

Second, different structure design and function, higher R&D cost. Cellar climate control system always with build-in humidifier and heat, it is constant temperature and humidity machine.

Third, market supply and demand determine the price, wine cellar industry is small market segment, its market demand is incomparable with ordinary household air conditioners. Which determines its much higher manufacturing cost.