Our Ventilation series products include energy recovery ventilator(ERV), heat recovery ventilator(HRV) and some single ventilator (without heat recovery core). As for HRV and ERV, its function are not only as common exhausting fan but also a fresh air ventilation system. It helps to exhaust stale, damp indoor air and supply fresh, filtered air from outside, thus ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfortable living. And the two air streams "meet" in the air-to-air exchanger core, the fresh air will be pre-cooled or pre-warmed by the stale air, thus saving your energy bills significantly. The systems are suitable for both retrofit and new construction project.

As for the single ventilator (without heat recovery core), we have uniflow ventilator which brings in fresh air from outside. There are filters and heater inside to make the fresh air clean and warm. We also have balanced ventilation without exchanger core. Just for exhausting the stale air and bringing in fresh air at the same time.

Ceiling Type ERV

Residential ERV/HRV
Commercial ERV/HRV

Floor Standing ERV