The Working Principle Of The Energy Recovery Ventilator

In the 21st century, with the continuous intensification of PM2.5 in cities, a hot new star appeared in the air purification industry -- energy recovery ventilators. So, how does the energy recovery ventilator work?

The energy recovery ventilator is a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving air conditioning and ventilation device. Its core function is to make use of the temperature difference and humidity difference between indoor and outdoor air and achieve good energy exchange characteristics through energy recovery mechanism. It produces energy exchange at the same time of bidirectional displacement ventilation, so that the fresh air can effectively obtain the available substances in exhaust air, thus greatly saving the energy consumption of fresh air pretreatment, achieving the purpose of energy saving and air exchange, and its energy-saving effect is very significant.

In summer, when using the energy recovery ventilator, the temperature and humidity in the indoor hot and humid air can be transmitted to the cool, dry and dirty air discharged from the outside through the heat exchange core.

In winter, when the energy recovery ventilator is used for air exchange, it preheats the fresh air to be sent into the indoor and outdoor cold air through the dirty air of indoor temperature with the heat exchange core, and introduces the moisture into the dry air to be sent into the outdoor air.

The advantages of the energy recovery ventilator mainly include the following:
1. High heat exchange efficiency. Advanced countercurrent structure design can greatly improve the heat transfer efficiency.

2. Compact appearance. The shape of the total heat exchanger is hexagonal, which reduces the thickness of the module. The special ventilation channel is conducive to making the module shorter than the cross-flow movement.

3. Stable performance, no need to clean. The ventilation duct adopts streamline design, which can effectively prevent dust, without regular cleaning of the cross-flow movement;

4. Long service life. ABS frame structure is adopted, which is very strong and durable, and its service life is doubled compared with the cross flow movement.

Applicable scope of the new heat exchange fan: it is suitable for residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms, chess and card rooms, restaurants, offices, entertainment almost all places. It can design different schemes according to different house size, population and surrounding environment, which is suitable for various buildings and groups of people.

Air is a necessity for everyone to breathe at any time. If we leave the fresh and natural air, we will face many health and safety problems in our life. Only by ensuring good indoor air quality can we create a more comfortable and healthy living environment. The new heat exchange fan uses the high and new technology, may help you to realize the indoor air circulation easily, lets you enjoy the natural healthy life freely.
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