Air Exchanger Maintenance

Just like your heater or air conditioner, your air exchanger wishes some TLC as soon as in awhile. Do no longer forget your air alternate system. Sadly, many householders forget these effortless preservation objects and as such, do not use their exchanger to its full potential.

  1. Clean the Filters: Rather than changing the filters, like a furnace, you ought to smooth the filters with a vacuum. If you can’t vacuum, soap and water will do. Some homeowners even add bleach for greater cleanliness.
  2. Oil the Motors: Some air exchanger motors require additional oil over their lifespan. Some do not. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and oil as often as recommended.
  3. Clean Air Exchanger Core: If you have an HRV or an ERV, you have to easy the core. In both instances, you have to put off the core from the system. For HRV, soak it in water and soap. For ERV, just vacuum. Do not use water.
  4. Check Air Intakes: Look all around the air exchanger to make positive no filth is piling up. Nothing can block the paths.
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