Relevant introduction of hrv mechanical system

Principle of hrv mechanical system

When the heat exchanger installed in hrv mechanical system is running in summer, the fresh air obtains cold energy from the exhausted wind, so that the temperature of the fresh air decreases. During winter operation, fresh air gets heat energy from the exhaust, raising the temperature. The heat exchanger has sensible heat and total heat, a sensible heat exchanger is made of the aluminum core, recover sensible heat from the exhaust, it only has temperature exchange. The total heat exchanger is made of paper core, which has both temperature exchange and humidity exchange.

The function of hrv mechanical system

The use of hrv mechanical system can improve indoor air quality: through indoor and outdoor bidirectional ventilation, exhaust indoor dirty air, and bring in the outdoor fresh air. The heat exchange core is built into the ventilation system of the heat exchanger, which reduces the energy required for the pretreatment of the ventilation system and achieves the purpose of energy saving. The cost is reduced by using heat recovery technology.

Daily maintenance of hrv mechanical system.

The hrv mechanical system should be cleaned once after running for 2500 hours. The clean method is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck to go surface dirt, do not clean with water, easier for operations.

Application of hrv mechanical system

The hrv mechanical system has a variety of functions, at present in a variety of ventilation projects, and air conditioning projects have played a more ideal role, People's Daily life, business activities, and industrial production are very helpful. It is believed that with the help of a heat exchanger ventilation system, the majority of users will have a step c loser to the quality of life, life will become better.

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