What kind of air conditioning units should I install for my cellar? Does a normal standard A/C is ok?

Nowadays, the wine cellar has become a standard feature in the decoration design of the villa and high performance building. The modern wine cellar design is professional with constant temperature and humidity, so what kind of equipment should people install for their cellar? And is it okay to install ordinary air-conditioning?

The wine cellar is dedicated to professional constant temperature and humidity, the temperature is 8-18 degrees, the humidity is plus or minus 5% of 65%, and it needs to be in a constant state. Let's look at ordinary air conditioners, the temperature control range of ordinary air conditioners is 16-30 degrees, this is just a set temperature, which is actually completely unreachable. Looking at the humidity, ordinary air conditioners will always dehumidify. As long as it is working in refrigeration, it will continue to dehumidify, the humidity level often at 30-40%. The state of the wine cork is very fatal, and it will quickly shrink the cork, and cause the wine to oxidize, which will deteriorate and become sour. From these two perspectives, it is impossible to install ordinary air conditioners in the wine cellar. It will directly harm the wine, but you should use a professional wine cellar cooling unit.

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