Indoor Humidity Control

In most cases, the human body feels the most comfortable in the air environment with a humidity of 60% - 70%. When the humidity is higher than 70%, the human comfort will decrease, it is by adjusting the humidity that aircon with humidity control makes the human body achieves certain comfort.

Dehumidification principle of Aircon with humidity control
The air conditioner has a dehumidification function in two modes:
A) cooling mode, which is the mode that any air conditioner has, and it is also the most basic function of the air conditioner. The cooling process of the air conditioner is bound to be accompanied by dehumidification. After the humid air passes through the evaporator of the air conditioner, the temperature will drop substantially. The air humidity is in a state of oversaturation. The excess water vapour will be precipitated in the form of condensed water and condensed on the fins of the evaporator, that is , "condensation". When the cooling mode reaches a certain balance state, the air humidity will also drop to a certain level.
B) the independent dehumidification mode, which is called constant temperature dehumidification by the insiders. Its basic principle is to reheat the air cooled by the evaporator to the original temperature, and then send it into the room, so that the indoor environment remains relatively constant when the humidity drops.
Constant temperature dehumidification is what you call constant temperature dehumidification function.

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