Why Do You Need A Fresh Air Circulation System In A Wine Cellar?

Thenow Climate Control 2022-02-16 14:10

The purpose of the wine cellar ventilation system is to maintain the air volume and quality in the cellar. If the alcohol evaporates too much and there is not enough air circulation, this may lead to alcohol gathered.


Better air conditions are not only conducive to the preservation of red wine and the breathing ofpeople, but also to keeping the wine cellar dry. In addition, many wines breathe strongly, and odors can easily enter the bottle through the cork and cap, and even be absorbed by the wine. In particular, pay attention to prevent items such as detergents, pickles, and cheese from entering the wine cellar with strong odors.


The harmful gas sulfur dioxide is generated during wine aging, and sulfur dioxide can harm the cork, thereby deteriorating the wine quality. In the closed environment of the wine cellar, the sulfur dioxide cannot be eliminated by natural ventilation, and in the more closed environment of the wine cabinet, the sulfur dioxide will accumulate. Although the wine cellar is in ideal condition, the ventilation conditions are unfavorable. Ifyour home has a newly built wine cellar, be careful of the smell of decoration materials. There are absolutely no odor and pollution-free decoration materials in the market, and it is impractical;It is necessary to ventilate the wine cellar for a long time afterit is repaired, and remove harmful gases as much as possible.


The humidity of 55%-75% is good for wine storage. Too wet can easily cause the cork and wine label to rot, and too dry will easily make the cork dry and lose its elasticity, making it impossible to seal the bottle tightly. Humidity control is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to during the construction of the wine cellar. In humid environments, air circulation is mainly to prevent bacterial growth. Soaked corks are prone to harmful odors, and strong odors penetrate the cork and change the original quality of the wine. Theventilation system draws in fresh air and evenly evacuates the air to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Therefore, for the air environment inside the wine cellar, the most thoughtful design is to install a fresh airventilation system, so that the wine can be kept in a good air environment.

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