The Wine Has Expired, Throw It Away? In Fact, It Can Help You Do These Things!

Wine, as a domestic symbol of high-end liquor, is considered by many to be a powerful tool for embodying one's own style. This also makes people cherish it very much, and every time they drink it, they will be careful to avoid excessive waste.

For ordinary food, I believe that once it expires, everyone will basically discard it, but what if it is wine that has expired? I think most people get entangled and feel it's a pity to throw it away, but they don't know the use of staying at home.

First of all, we need to clarify that, in fact, wine does not have the so-called "expiration date" like most foods. There is only a term for the drinking period. After being vinified, some wines need to be aged for a certain period of time to exude a more wonderful flavor. If it is not drunk for a long time after aging, its taste will gradually become weak and the flavor will gradually lose. At this time, the wine is considered to have passed the drinking period.

Therefore, we can only consider the "expiration" of wine as having passed the drinking period, rather than saying that other foods have passed the expiration date and cannot be eaten or drunk at all.

Although the "expired" wine tastes worse, it still has many magical functions, and keeping it can still "turn waste into treasure." Here are five uses for everyone.

01 Anti-agingSkinCare

Wine itself is rich in anthocyanins, which are derived from grape seeds, which can effectively fight free radicals. Free radicals are now the most important endogenous aging substances that have been identified. Therefore, anti-aging is to a large extent fighting against free radicals.

In addition, I believe that everyone can always taste a sense of convergence when drinking, and this is the astringent effect of tannin. The main principle is that tannin and proteins undergo condensation reactions through hydrophobic bonds and hydrogen bonds. Therefore, tannin can also act on the skin, shrink pores, diminish fine lines, and tighten the skin.

Of course, this does not mean that you can directly apply the "expired" wine on your face~ Because it is easy to be allergic, it is recommended to mix it with honey, pearl powder, egg white and other whitening substances to make a red wine mask, so that it will not damage the skin.

02  CookingFood

When tasting wine, we will find that red wine is generally used to match red meat, such as steak. This is because most red wines have a thick body and rich flavor, which can suppress the fishy taste of meat, and the rich tannin can also soften the meat.

The "expired" red wine is actually worse in taste, but it can still soften the meat. Therefore, when cooking meat, the meat can be marinated in wine for a period of time to make it taste fresh and tender. In addition, if the wine is frozen and used as a seasoning when making soup or stew, the flavor of the soup or meat can become more intense and mouth-watering.

03 Sterilization

In the Middle Ages when the Black Death was widespread in Europe, the drinking water that people depended on was contaminated, so at that time people used wine for alcohol disinfection. I believe everyone has heard that alcohol has strong volatility, so it can absorb the water of bacterial protein, let it be coagulated after dehydration, and finally successfully inactivate it, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization. Therefore, if you have "expired" wine in your home, you can use it to disinfect tableware or wash fruits and vegetables.

04 Regulate The Human Body

Wine itself, as a highly nutritious alcohol, can bring many benefits to the human body. Even if it has passed the drinking period, it can still exert such effects if treated.

In many European countries, people use wine for bathing, and it is currently extremely popular in Japan. This is mainly because hot water can expand the pores of the human body, and then make the wine enter the epidermis to stimulate the capillaries, make the blood circulation in the body smooth, and speed up the metabolism.

05 Clean Oil Stains

In terms of cleaning oil, wine is also a good hand. Because wine contains alcohol, oil stains are mainly composed of less polar molecules such as fatty acids, and alcohol is also less polar. Alcohol can remove oil stains because the solute particles in the solution interact with the solvent particles and dissolve.

In daily life, if we have "expired" wine around us, we can save it and show our skills when cleaning the kitchen. If you encounter gasoline stains, wine can also play a role at this time, especially white wine, the alcohol and acid contained in it can promote the dissolution of gasoline.

Wine itself is rich in many substances, these substances themselves can play a role under different conditions, so next time you remember that the wine "expired" must not be thrown away.

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