Private Villa-Wine Cellar Wall

Project: Private Villa-Wine Cellar Wall
Location: Zhong Hao Tan Gong, Zhang Jia Gang, Suzhou, China.
Installation: Ceiling, on the top of cabinet
Wine Wall Size: 3200x2370x450mm
Model selection: Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Split System HSN-15-F
Q'ty: 1 set

Why do the villa wine cellars have separate wine cellar air conditioners?

1. Temperature, the most ideal storage temperature for red wine is around 13°. Some scholars have done professional analysis, and the ideal storage temperature for red wine is 12.8°. The temperature should be kept constant, otherwise it will cause great damage to the quality of the wine. As the temperature rises, the time required for the body to mature will also be shortened, the flavor of the wine will become rougher, and the wine may deteriorate due to excessive oxidation.

2. Humidity, the main effect of humidity is that the humidity is generally 60%-70%. The humidity is too low, the cork will become dry, affecting the sealing effect, allowing more air to come into contact with the wine, accelerating the oxidation of the wine, resulting in a decline in the quality of the wine. Of course, too high humidity is not good, and the cork mold will also destroy the quality of the wine. The ultraviolet light in the light is also very harmful to the wine, and it is also one of the main culprits in accelerating the oxidation process of the wine. Therefore, the wine that wants to be preserved for a long time must be placed in the dark.

Cause the temperature and humidity play an import role in the long term wine storage, installing proper wine cellar cooling unit is necessary.
Private Villa-Wine Cellar Wall
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