Hengyuexuan Hotel Shanghai Exhibition Center

Project: Wine Cellar Cooling & Ventilation System
Location: Hengyuexuan Hotel Shanghai Exhibition Center
Cellar Dimension: Length  9  X  6   X  3.2   m
Model Selection:Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J90
Qty: 2 sets(2 indoor units+2 outdoor units)

Supply Air Grille:4pcs  Grille Size:  70  X  15  cm
Return Air Grille:2pce  Grille Size:  120  X  25  cm
Access:2pcs  Size: 50  X  50  cm
Height Difference Between Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit: 1m
Length of Pipes:16m/20m
Installation Location of Indoor Unit: Ceiling Center of the Cellar

Energy Recovery Ventilator
:TSX250-AG01/Ceiling Mounted
Stale Air Inlet:1pc
Supply Air Outlet:4pcs
Access:1pc  Size: 50*50cm
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